New Things!

Well I think it’s officially winter!  After an inordinately beautiful fall, the snow finally fell and stayed as of last night.  It was a bit nerve wracking at it was accompanied by some crazy wind and the smoke in the chimney was pushed back into the house when the fat wet flakes started to fall.  This caused the CO2 detector to go off around midnight.  It was not a restful sleep waiting to see if it would go off again (and periodically waiting for Sam to scratch or move around so we could hear if he had succumbed to gas poisoning.  He did not).  The wind also picked up most of our Quonset pieces and blew them around the yard so we went to the Peavey Mart (aka my new favorite store, they have anything you could ever want!  Dog food?  Check!  Horse tack?  Check!  Sump pumps?  Check!  BBQ sauce?  Check and check!) and we got some tied owns so nothing should be moving now.  We also got our 911 address this week!  We are like a real house now…or at least they’ll be able to find our smoldering ruins more easily.


One week difference. Ugh.

I’ve been keeping busy riding and still helping a neighbor building a barn (though most days I feel like he is just teaching my farm skills and then waiting while I practice them on his stuff).  Mike has been going through some transitional work stuff so we’ll have to see how that all shakes out too.  Now that we are using the wood stove regularly Sam spends his days stretched out on his mat (from Peavey Mart!) and occasionally rolling over.


Doing what he does best.

In other “we are becoming farm people” news: We ordered 1/4 of a cow from one of our neighbors.  I think it will last a whole year for sure!


Look at that hopeful tail.

I think the house is now done as much as it’s going to be until next spring.  Next week counter tops should show up and we can finally stop washing dishes in the tub.  It’s super gross having a bath and a piece of spinach is floating around you.

In other new developments this will be the last post on this blog…because we are starting a new website!  I say we but its mostly Mike.  In addition to blogs we plan to have more posts per week with content we found interesting and that adheres to our “live deliberately” idea.  We are also doing mini interviews with people who have chosen a different path and what their experiences are like.

This is the new website…go to it!

Our New Site!!!

(apparently that link doesn’t wanna work.  Serves me right for getting fancy.  its

So I will see you there!  Mom add it to your bookmarks 😉
Speaking of mom…I am giving a shout out to all the ladies at the City of Calgary who might be reading!

And now a smattering of pictures left over from the last few weeks:


Address.  Woo!

Erin & Sam’s Trail ride!


Just a pretty shot of the house.

Moving from camper to house!


A roast from our beef pile.


Well that’s just a clever name!  For a kind of gross beer…



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